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    As the average cost of textbooks can reach nearly $1,200 per year, many students are looking for cost-effective ways to offset these expenses. Check out these cost-saving options to lower your textbook costs. Read more...

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    We continually strives to be active and helpful in the community. We proudly donate books to projects, libraries and other good causes across the country. Check out some of our current partnerships. Read more...

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    Do you remember the frustrations of buying textbooks at inflated costs? Do you want to help do something about it? Well now you can! Earn money while saving money for students by becoming an independant book vendor. Read more...

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Latest news?

Drawing in Textbooks: Defacing or Decoration

Anyone who has ever spent an afternoon in class with a professor who is monotone and long-winded can tell you that a brain break is sometimes not just a luxury, but a necessity. How do you keep from letting your boredom take over? Do you count the cracks in the ceiling, chip at your nail


Bitcoin: Friend or Foe

You have probably heard the term “bitcoin” in the news lately. So you know a bitcoin has something to do with online trading, but what is it? Should you start trading in your hard earned cash for bitcoins or pack those pennies under the mattress? Bitcoins are a fairly new idea. In a paper written in


The Silk Road Marketplace: The Bitcoin and Pirated Textbooks

The Silk Road is a market primarily known for the sale of illegal drugs with a currency known as bitcoin. The bitcoins offer buyers and sellers a level of anonymity. For this reason, about 70% of the goods sold through the Silk Road are drugs considered contraband, but there are other items available from this


Spring into Next School Year with Summer Reading

  Most of us think of summer as the time to take a break from classes. Whether we are a parent of a pupil in elementary school or a student in college, we think about taking summers off.  When you are the student, your mind starts wandering in the spring as the weather breaks.  Visions


FBI Investigation: Free Samples or Fraud

Everyone knows that textbooks can be very expensive, but it would take quite a few textbooks to total nearly $3,000,000.00 in stolen textbooks. Recently, the FBI investigated a complicated scheme to allegedly steal textbooks from an employer. The textbooks were thought to be “free samples” sent to professors and educators to encourage and promote business,


Can Textbook Painting Help You Pay for College?

  Some students have had parents who have saved for college tuition sincetheir birth, other students help to fund their way through school withsavings of their own or by working their way through school. With the costof tuition increasing, it is becoming even more important to find additionaloptions to help pay for room and board,


Textbook Publisher Files Bankruptcy

  As with any market, companies must flow with the changing interests of thepeople with the power.  The purchaser is who dictates how things go for acompany with the all-mighty dollar.  Textbook publishers are findingthemselves in a changing transition right now as the market makes someshifts from traditional textbooks to other areas of interest. Publishers


Textbooks or Technology?  When Budget Battles Occur

With the current economy, it seems everyone is tightening their budget inone way or another.  We hear of signs about the economy regarding theimprovement of the state of affairs and information about more and betterjobs, but we are then bombarded with requests to cast our votes to supportmore money going into the budget from our